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Christian Skalka

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Professor and Chair, Department of Computer Science
317 Votey Hall
skalka at cs dot uvm dot edu
802 656 1920

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I currently serve as the Chair of the UVM Department of Computer Science. I am also the Director of the UVM Center for Computer Security and Privacy.

Research Interests

My research interests lie at the intersection of Computer Science theory and practice. I develop innovative formal methods based on programming language type theory, mathematical logic, and computability theory in general. I also build cyber-physical systems based on these technical innovations, and explore applications of these methods to important practical problems, especially related to cybersecurity, health, and the environment.

Current Research Projects

A list of my publications is available online. Here is a brief description of active research projects.

Proof Carrying Network Code (PCNC): The goal of this collaborative project is to support formally well-defined security guarantees in software defined networks (SDNs) involving multiple security domains (federations). Funded by NSF SaTC grant CNS-1718083.

STRATA: an integrative approach to defense in depth. This multi-institutional research project seeks to combine authorization, isolation, information flow, and auditing in a uniform framework. At UVM we are focused on mathematically well-founded approaches to auditing. Funded by NSF SaTC grant CNS-1408801.

RehabTracker: a hardware and software system designed to support compliance with at-home electro-muscular stimulation therapy for patients undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery. This is a collaborative project with the Larner College of Medicine, supported by a CEMS/LCOM pilot grant. A UVM College of Medicine article summarizes this effort well.

Alliance: cyber-supported therapy for post-trauma recovery. We are developing mobile applications that provide nonintrusive, real-time data gathering to support post-trauma patient recoveries. In addition to data collection, we aim to investigate predictive models generated by machine learning. Funded by UVM REACH program.


I teach a variety of courses. In general I aim to stress the importance of formal principles and methodologies in practice. Here is a partial list of courses I've taught.

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