CS202 Compiler Construction: Spring 2003

Instructor: Prof. Christian Skalka, skalka@cs.uvm.edu
Office hours: TR 3:30PM-4:45PM, Votey 379
Lecture: TR 5:00PM-6:15PM, Terril 222

GTF: Torgeir Lien, grothe_lien@yahoo.com
Office (Lab) hours: M 12:15PM-2:15PM

Course description: Practice in design and implementation of translators for ALGOL-like languages. Regular and context-free grammars, parsing, code generation for stack and machine registers. Interpreters. Run-time storage administration for block-structured languages. See course syllabus for more details.

Prerequisites: This course assumes that students have successfully completed the following: This course also includes a significant Java programming component.

Course reference materials: Coursework: