CS202 Compiler Construction: Spring 2003 Course Syllabus

Note: This schedule is tentative and subject to change. It is primarily intended to describe the course topics and the sequence in which they'll be covered, but time spent on each may vary from the times specified.

1/14Course introduction, regular expressions
1/16Lexing, lexer builders
1/21Finite state automata
1/23LL Parsing
1/28LR Parsing
2/04More on parsing
2/06Error recovery
2/11Abstract parse trees, actions, Symbol tables
2/13Lake type system, generating parse trees
2/18Type checking, activation frames
2/20Implementing activation frames, intermediate code
2/25Code exploring, more typechecking, translation to IC
2/27Midterm exam
3/06Supporting OO
3/11More translation, canonical form
3/13Control flow
3/25Canonical transformations, instruction selection
3/27CISC instructions, dataflow equations
4/01Solving DF equations
4/03Implementing instruction selection
4/08Liveness, intro to optimization
4/10Intro to loop optimization, loop induction
4/15Register allocation
4/17DF optimization
4/22Runtime/Debugger support
4/24Software engineering tools