CS275: Mobile Apps and Embedded Devices

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Instructor: Dr. Christian Skalka
Department of Computer Science
College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
379 Votey Hall
skalka at cs dot uvm dot edu

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Course Description and Topics

In this course we study applications development for modern computing devices such as smartphones and hobbyist devices. Apps and embedded applications are distinguished from traditional programs by being highly interactive, highly sensitive to physical environments, and intended for execution on resource-constrained platforms. Main course topics include:

A more detailed syllabus is available here.

Group Projects

The primary coursework for CS275 is the course project. At the beginning of the semester, student groups coalesce around specific projects that are proposed by stakeholders at the beginning of the semester. Group assignment is based on student preference. Group sizes vary between 2-6 students, depending on the scope of work. Highlights of project efforts include:

Past projects have included an app for post-trauma patient self-assessment, an app for field identification of nematodes, and protocols and hardware support for better smartphone security. CS275 projects are typically excellent candidates for the UVM CS Fair.

Proposing a CS275 Project

Course projects are proposed by stakeholders with interest in a specific product. Stakeholders work directly with students groups throughout the semester, without interference by the instructor.

Proposing a project is no guarantee that it will be adopted. But excited student groups can provide excellent opportunities for engagement between CS students and the broader UVM community. Intellectual property issues are addressed through close interactions with the UVM Office of Technology Commercializations.

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