SWE Monitoring Project, Initial Site Visit 7/31/07

On Tuesday, July 31, the SWE monitoring project team met in Stowe for a day of work in the field. The purpose of this visit was reconnaissance of potential sites for test deployments of our monitoring technology. We visited several sites on Mt. Mansfield, both along the Toll Road and in the Stowe Touring Center at Ranch Camp. We also met with representatives from Stowe Mountain Resort, USGS, and WCAX, to discuss possibilities for housing data loggers and establishing data links.

Beverley explains the inner workings of the Vermont Monitoring Cooperative Meteorological site.
Jeff envisions a technological update of the Mt. Mansfield snow stake (in center of picture, visual readings only!).
Discussing options for data loggers and transmission with a WCAX official at the summit station.
Matt takes measurements at a potential site in Ranch Camp.
The group investigates facilities at the USGS stream gaging site in Ranch Camp.