MorphEngine: From Simulation to Reality

Kojiro Matsushita, a PhD candidate in the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the University of Zurich is using MorphEngine to build a wheel-type robot, which will be used to test various feet and ankle configurations for a future bipedal robot.

Dominic Frutiger, an undergraduate student in the Production Technology group at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, used MorphEngine to design and test a simulated monkey-type robot, and translated the evolved results into a real robot. After observing the behaviour of the real robot, Dominic returned to simulation and fine tuned the simulated robot. This project, including learning to use MorphEngine, constructing and evolving a design, and building the real robot, was completed in under seven weeks.

         Simulation video [MPG]

         Real robot video [MPG]

         Thesis report [HTML]