CS 295A/361A--Security in Computing: from Computer Viruses to User Privacy CRN91847/CRN91850

Instructor: Professor Sean Wang

Course objectives:

In this course, we will study security in computing in a broad sense, starting with a broad discussion of what security problems we have in computing. We will then study the following and other topics: program security, OS security and trusted OS, database and data mining security, and privacy in computing.

The course syllabus can be found at http://www.cs.uvm.edu/~xywang/securityclass/syllabus.html

Course schedule (live document!)

Week (Mon)



1 (Aug 27)


Elementary cryptography

2 (Sept 3)

Elementary cryptography

Programming security

3 (Sept 10)

Programming security

Programming security

4 (Sept 17)

General OS protection

General OS protection

5 (Sept 24)

Presentation: Mohammed Al-Kateb. PDF/Adobe security model

Trusted OS (1)

6 (Oct 1)

Trusted OS (2)

Guest lecture: Peter Chapin. Distributed Authorization

7 (Oct 8)

Presentation: Pam Smith. PDF security broken?

Guest lecture: Gary Kessler. Steganography

8 (Oct 15)

Presentation: Eric Shepard. Wireless security.

Trusted OS (3)

9 (Oct 22)

Trusted OS (Windows Vista)


10 (Oct 29)

Presentation:Jessa McCartney. Electronic Voting.

DB & DM security (1)

11 (Nov 5)

DB & DM security (2)

Network security (1)

12 (Nov 12)

Network security (2)

Presentation: Neil Wacek. Privacy

13 (Nov 19)

Thanks giving break, no classes

14 (Nov 26)

Presentation: Wesley Riley. Denial of services

Presentation: Eric Silverberg. Web server security

15 (Dec 3)

Presentation: Charlotte Fratt. RFID security

Presentation: Stephie Burger. Virtual machines

16 (Dec 10)

Final exam week (no classes)

Take home test and final paper due